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Race to the Pantry...

Race to the Pantry?


What's in the pantry?

Gold? Success? A kilo of Dove chocolate?

No, you guys.


Food is in the pantry.

Good food.

Food with nutrients.

Food that is colorful.

Food that doesn't come in a box or a bag (is this starting to sound like The Grinch who Stole Christmas to anyone else?).

Food that will sustain you through your entire life.

Food that will determine your biological makeup (no, seriously:)

Food that will taste delicious.

Food that is real, whole, and life-giving.

When I look at our country, I see a nation of people who are scared to eat. Food is processed and packaged, and though their ingredients and nutrients (or lack thereof) have been painstakingly printed on a label, people still aren't sure of exactly what they're eating. We prescribe to fad diets, searching for that "quick fix" - the one trick that will magically slim our waistlines and boost our happiness levels.

We starve ourselves into submission and binge ourselves into shame.

We allow society to feed us image after image of tall, slim, gaunt figurines - beautiful lies against which we must compare ourselves.

We count calories, carbs, and fat. We weigh ourselves daily.

And what's worse, is that the number on the scale becomes our sole worth. Imagine: the dizzying, glorious complexity of an entire human being, boiled down to a three-digit number. Two, if you have the self-control.

Race to the Pantry is a movement toward... well, the pantry.

We want to be able to eat again, without fear.

We want to feel full and energetic and beautiful.
We want to explore new colors and tastes and textures.
We want to cook and bake: to share our creations with those we love.
We want to separate food from guilt and shame.
We want to treat ourselves to what we deserve.
We want to rebuild a new culture of food.
We want to be active, dynamic and unstoppable.

We want to live!

Race me to the pantry?

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